African Food Recipes

African food recipes are a far cry from what is obtained in the west, though on occasions similarities in their evolution can be sensed.
These meals are never bland as a dish. The tastes are tantalizing, the aromas exciting. Yes. Like foods from most hot climates, they are often very rich in spices, some hot, some with unique flavors difficult to describe in words, but undeniably appealing to the senses.

Ready to try out an African food recipe? Pick your choice and try any of the recipes described here.

True, most traditional African meals takes some reasonable amount of time to prepare. Thanks, to technology. You can now skip most of the drudging time consuming steps and get on with cooking your desired meal, using pre-packed raw cooking ingredients, unadulterated, most retaining their traditional flavor.

Boy. A savory culinary delight awaits your effort as you put to use what you find on visiting this free online African recipe cookbook section.

African food recipes are centered round a list of ingredients easily found all over the continent. In the whole of sub Saharan Africa, from Dakar (Senegal) to Dar es Salam (Tanzania), southwards to Cape Town (South Africa), most African foods are based on common foodstuffs like:
cassava, yam, cocoyam, rice, beans, maize, sorghum, groundnut, coconut, plantain, matoke, millet, melons, sea foods, poultry, beef, goat meat, bush meat, palm oil, potatoes, lentil, beans, cowpeas, vegetables, vegetable oils, and a wide selection of tantalizing of spices.

Even Africans in diaspora have retained a huge chunk of the traditional African cooking styles, and recipes of main African dishes whether in America or the Caribbean have not changed a lot.

Out of these seemingly few list of items comes a literally unending array of various delicacies.

Africa is home to some 900 Million people, spanning over 50 countries. African food recipes are therefore as varied as the thousands of tribes and culture found in this beautiful continent. It must be said though, that despite the variation, most food are cooked with the same basic ingredient.

We bring you a list of African food recipes. Are you looking to prepare Soul food, Nigerian food, or Ghanaian Food? Choose your choice of African recipe from the region or country of your choice below.

You could also look for a specific African food recipe by type of ingredient.

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