Ancient Place Where Fairy-tales are Conceived

From U-Will Celebrity
From the place where fairytales are conceived and myths and legends are born; the place of folklore and fabled tales, a place where embellishments run riot; from thence comes this story. Just as it was told to me will I tell it to you.

The story is told of a boy, no more than two years and six moons. With wide eyes and an impatient eagerness he stood beside his father’s stool while the latter ate supper. Nna, as he called his father, fed him little bits of fish from his soup plate, after first mashing it between his fingers to make sure there was no bone to catch in his throat. Nna had a guest who was sharing his meal, by itself not a strange occurrence as relatives seemed to

Some State Festivals in Nigeria

Festivals Nigeria has many local festivals that date back to the time before the arrival of the major religions, and which are still occasions for masquerade and dance. The local festivals cover an enormous range of events, fromMada Dancers harvest festivals and betrothal festivals, to the investing of a new chief and funerals. It seems odd to Western ways of thinking to see a funeral as something to be celebrated. But for many of the tribes, death means joining the ancestors, and so the deceased must get a good send-off.

The dances that were once performed by members of each village have now been taken over by professional troupes, who tour villages performing at each local festival.

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